Christmas Eve

XmasTree_0101This one is going to be a bit rough, but we had our share of rough Christmases. The first Christmas after we were married, I got laid off from work Dec 23rd. We had a newborn at the time to boot. We were young, we were kind of scared, but we had each other.

Now she’s gone, but at least I have our kids and grandkids. Hopefully the full house tomorrow will take some of the edge off for a while.

She often got the blues at Christmas, especially in our early years.  The loss of her parents was still fresh then. Eventually, she was able to get more into the spirit, but it took her years. I need to remember that this year and for the next ones as I learn to carry on. Her daughters are already continuing the traditions she started, as well as the ones she got from her mother, and that’s one more way we’ll remember her.

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