I Saw Your Face

I don’t remember dreams much, but this morning I did.

It was typically odd non-sequitor stuff, people bringing chairs to the office (what office, made no sense) for use at the house when I had bunches of people coming over for some unspecified reason.

The chairs were in some odd untidy state, and somebody said something disparaging about help these days.

Then I realized the voice was yours.

I turned around, you jumped up and gave me a four-point hug (boy, I’d forgotten about those).

Then I replied something along the lines of “Yeah, you should have seen the ones at your memorial service”  (another total non-sequitor, but hey, it’s a dream). As soon as I said it, I worried that you didn’t know you were dead and would be hurt by that.

You looked right at me and gave me one of those beautiful sad smiles. You were right in my face, full frame, no glasses so I could really see those beautiful eyes.

Then I woke up and smiled, because I finally had a dream with you in it.

Then I cried.

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2 Responses to I Saw Your Face

  1. Sarah says:

    she still loves you, that’s for sure.

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