the end

I’ve been following Ben’s excellent blog ‘Life as a Widower’ ever since I started my own writing. He lost his Desreen the same week Barbara died. Twenty years younger, and raising a three year old son alone, he simply puts me to shame. I have avoided re-blogging until now, but this guest post from Anders Nilsen was just too beautiful not to share. And if you want to know what courage in the face of a much tougher loss than mine looks like, read more of Ben’s stuff.

Life as a Widower

This is Life as a Widower’s very first illustrated guest post by Anders Nilsen

I first read about Anders Nilsen, a cartoonist from the States, in an interview with The Guardianwhich was published in summer this year. I’d never seen his illustrations before but I was drawn in by the article and instantly struck by the parallels in our lives. Like my wife, Desreen, his girlfriend, Cheryl, died too young. And like I, Anders poured his pain into a book about her death, which is full of both heartbreak and humour. It’s called The End and it’s truly breathtaking.

In this extract, Anders depicts the conversations he had with Cheryl in his own mind after her death. I found myself instantly moved to tears by his work, so I’ll let his illustrations do the rest of the talking.

Thanks for letting me publish this, Anders, and all the…

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